Many helped Stewart cope with heavy rains

Stewart UC Receives Kudo's For Assistance During Major Road Closure


September 18, 2011 at 5:23 PM

Many helped Stewart cope with heavy rains



MANY PEOPLE deserve thanks and recognition for their efforts in helping Stewart cope during the past weeks of heavy rains and floods, says its chief administrative officer.Below is Peter Weeber's list:

"The Ministry of Transportation for their support to the community and the construction efforts.

The Billabong Road and Bridge Team!

The road and bridge crews from all over BC who did what many thought could not be done in such a short time.

Our local contractors who deployed their equipment from other projects to start the reconstruction and save our power poles!

The District of Stewart staff for managing the event and our public works crew who worked 24 hrs patrolling the dike and ensuring our pumping stations stayed operational.

Stewart Search and Rescue and the Fire Department for making themselves available to evacuate neighbourhoods if needed.

The Stewart RCMP and the crews of the Inkster for providing incredible support!

Our BC Ambulance Service Unit Chief who worked around the clock to support the Emergency Management Team in a variety of different roles.

The local business community for making our stranded visitors feel welcome and supporting our efforts to get them home!

The folks who organized the community potluck “thank you”

Our Mayor and Council for providing support and leadership.

The people of Stewart for their support and incredible community spirit."

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