Permanent, sheltered ambulance station in the works for comox, says ives


October 05, 2011 at 9:58 AM

Permanent, sheltered ambulance station in the works for comox, says ives

Speaking to the Echo from the Union of
British Columbia Municipalities AGM in Vancouver, Ives said he had had a
good meeting with B.C. Ambulance (BCAS) representatives earlier in the
day, and discussions on finding a permanent site will continue going

An invitation has been issued for a BCAS representative
to come to Comox Council in October, and discuss public reaction and
feedback to the temporary satellite ambulance station, situated just
below council chambers.

An ambulance occupies an unsheltered
parking space directly behind Town Hall, and has plug-in access. A
makeshift office for on-duty ambulance staff is situated in the council
chambers building next door.

The service is active four days a
week in the area, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and has been provided on a
trial basis so far. But Ives said BCAS has been happy with the results.

they've got so far is working, but they would like to see a longer-term
solution, so at a staff-tostaff level we're going to continue to work
on that," said Ives.

Ives suggested staff could be looking at
possible locations in the Guthrie/Lerwick Road corridor in west Comox,
as the site selection process for the proposed new hospital goes

If North Island College's Comox Valley Campus were
selected as the site for the proposed new hospital, a nearby ambulance
station on Guthrie or Lerwick Road would be "a real good synergy," Ives

He added that one possible approach to acquiring a space
would be to contact developers or property owners about the possibility
of including covered space for an ambulance in a development or rezoning

"I know that, for example, the Berwick development
has a lot of underground parking . [and] I think if you go down there
today you'll find a lot of empty spaces," said Ives.

"So something
like that could work. When we deal with rezoning applications with
developers, then that's something we can look at as an amenity."

ambulance service would presumably have to pay some sort of rent for
that space, but the capital cost perhaps could be covered in a more
creative way," he added.



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