Quadra's new ambulance station Open House Sunday

The Courier-Islander August 21, 2013


August 24, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Quadra's new ambulance station Open House Sunday


BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) paramedics will welcome the community to their new ambulance station on Quadra Island at an Open House event on Sunday.

"Paramedics on Quadra Island have been providing exceptional pre-hospital care for local residents for almost 30 years," said Health Minister Terry Lake. "I'm pleased that the new ambulance station provides ample space for paramedics to undertake training to upgrade and maintain their skills and recharge between calls."

The ambulance station was previously co-located with the local fire department before moving into its new home last year. The station consists of a 1,400 square foot modular structure which serves as the crew quarters and a 1,100 square foot Quonset hut vehicle bay which is one of only two in the province. Quonset huts are fabricated, temperature-controlled buildings that can be easily assembled on site.

"Sometimes our crews feel emotional after a call," said BCAS Quadra Island Unit Chief Dawn Ross. "So having a safe and private place to debrief and speak openly about how they are feeling before they head back home to their families is really important to their well-being and overall job performance."

The new crew quarters includes a kitchen, an office, bathrooms, storage space and a training area. The temperature-controlled vehicle bay also has a storage area and a sink which makes it easier for paramedics to restock and clean the ambulance as well as respond to calls quicker in the colder months. "This is like a second home for us," said Ross of the station that employs 13 part-time paramedics. "We love having a place to call our own where we can focus on providing high-quality emergency medical care for our community."

Quadra Island is home to approximately 2,500 residents. Last year, BCAS paramedics responded to 220 calls on Quadra Island, 127 of which required an emergency lights and siren response.