Send a Paramedic Public Campaign

BC Paramedics launch a new public campaign to address ambulance response times. Save a Life - Send a Paramedic.

October 01, 2015 at 10:01 AM

Recently, some BC municipalities have been advocating for their fire department first responders to be sent on more medical events, as well as provide medical care beyond their current training and capability. Fire departments claim that they must do this in order to address increasing wait times for ambulance paramedics to arrive on scene.

While the issue of Paramedic response times is a very real concern, sending firefighters isn't the solution.

In British Columbia, the provincial government and the BC Ambulance Service have the sole responsibility to provide pre-hospital emergency medical response. They do so with highly trained Paramedics, in transport capable ambulances.

In a medical emergency, every British Columbian deserves not only a quick response, but also an appropriate response by Paramedics.

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